Wealthy Affiliate 2019 – Another Year Of Innovation Or A Meltdown?


Wealthy Affiliate Heading For A Meltdown?

Building a Wealthy Affiliate business in 2018 seemed to go by as quickly as it arrived!

What a year it has been in terms of innovation in affiliate marketing.

There has seen companies like Builderall and Click Funnels etc growing their businesses. It’s been a tough year to keep ahead but at the same time there have also some incredible opportunities.

Truth be told, don’t put your eggs all in one basket and rely on creating a full-time income from one affiliate program.

In fact, you’ll find it disheartening if you have built a substantial income with one program and find that business goes out of business. You could see your income disappear before your eyes literally over night.

That can be very distressing and I’ve seen that happen to many folks in this industry.

If only they had branched out and built other businesses.

It’s easier said than done though as you can get so focused on promoting one affiliate product that you don’t see any others worth pursuing.

When it all comes crashing down then you realise but then it can be too late in the game.

From experience, I recommend building several business, or promoting several affiliate programs at the same time.

One business I have been promoting for several years now is Wealthy Affiliate.

I have become what is known affectionately in the industry as a “Super Affiliate.” Don the cape I hear you say. :)

I have qualified for their Las Vegas Conferences 4 years in a row by achieving 300 sales of their Premium memberships in a calendar year.

That’s no easy feat. It takes steadfast focus and motivation to keep promoting their program. You have to put the blinkers on to really keep motivated.

Take your eye of your goal and you could see your momentum falter.

Getting Stronger, Month By Month!

I don’t believe Wealthy Affiliate are heading for a meltdown anytime soon. I believe they will get stronger and stronger.

They’ve had to endure some pretty challenging legal cases over the last 12 months with competitors but they have stood their ground and got through those.

Their platform keeps innovating. New technologies and developments come out almost every month.

In 2018, there seemed to be a new launch of their latest cutting edge developments every month. This only adds to strengthening their stance in the affiliate marketing industry.

To keep ahead of the field a company has to keep one step ahead of it’s competitors. There can be no resting on one’s laurels.

2019 looks like being another game changer for Wealthy Affiliate.

New changes to their platform are planned for the forth-coming months. The owners like to keep these held tightly to their chests and don’t reveal too much until the launch.

They do rigorous beta testing and know in advance whether what they are about to launch will help benefit the platform’s members.

That’s the main aim. To aid and assist the WA members. Without them there would be no company and what helps them to build their businesses will keep them as members for years ahead.

So is Wealthy Affiliate in a meltdown mode, or getting stronger?

One could easily say the latter. They are forging ahead with new innovations and pioneering strategies to catapult into 2019 and beyond.

This company, I dare say will be around for many years to come!Join Wealthy Affiliate

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