Work From Home Jobs – A Dying Breed Or The Future of 2019 And Beyond?

By | January 15, 2019

Work From Home Jobs, Isn’t This Just A Cushy Life?

Work from home jobs are the perfect life.

Just picture it, you wake up in the morning, grab a coffee knowing your office is the kitchen table.

You may have a wood cabin in the garden that you converted into some sort of office, with that pool table in the corner (just in case you get a little bored, or you want to find some inspiring ideas).

You can’t hide the fact that working from home can be very appealing.

For some people though, work from home jobs are too cushy.

How on earth can you do any work whilst your 7 month old comes strolling in on a stroller when you’re trying to make that deal.

Remember that BBC politician interview, when the nanny was trying ever so hard to deter the child from making a scene. Actually, I think that was the mom who was trying to apprehend the toddler.

Even so, it conjures up comical moments of folks working at jobs from home but juggling work life and a domesticity.

Jobs Are A Changing.. More Folks Are Working From Home!

Work From Home Jobs

Work from home jobs are becoming more and more popular!

The employment industry is changing though.

Jobs are being cut worldwide and robots are taking over.

People don’t need to commute 2 hours or so to get a job, do they?

Do you still have to face the rush hour traffic and get stuck in a jam for hours on end? Oh yes, you do!

Jobs are so computer based and high tech these days that many companies have “hot desks” where their employees can “float” around the office space without being tied down to a desk.


This can be great if you want to get away from that work colleague who you don’t get along with. Actually working from home fits this bill too.

Work from home jobs are going to become more mainstream as we move into more high tech jobs like programming, marketing. etc.

Just take a gander on the main job boards and you’ll find these types of jobs feature the most prominently.

Yes, you may be called into a meeting, or presentation has been scheduled, but you can simply turn up to the office for this. The grounding work can be done from your home, no interruptions permitted of course.

Social media marketing jobs are everywhere. Let’s face it, who isn’t on social media nowadays? If you want to build your brand then you need a profile of some sort. Even those Instagram workouts will suffice.

Needless to say, these types of jobs are prevalent and in demand. If you’re looking to work from home then definitely learn about social media marketing.

It Takes Balls Of Steel To Work From Home!

Working from home does require discipline. You don’t have a boss over your shoulder, or in the same room as you to keep a beady eye on you.

Many people are on the phone all day and have to be focused, so even though you’re in your home you still have to be in steadfast “work mode” at all times.

They’re absolutely are benefits, and for some people this is they’re preference.

If you like your own space and don’t mix to well with people then this is an ideal situation. However, it may be too lonely for those who like the energy of people around them. It really depends on each and everyone’s personality type.

Work from home jobs, I feel will become more and more popular in 2019 and beyond.

You’re going to see many more of these jobs being advertised, and they could be the perfect fit for some folks.




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