3 Crucial Steps For Making Money Online You Can’t Do Without!

Making Money Online

Making Money Online Is Easy, Isn’t It?

Making money online is not easy by any stretch of the imagination.

It takes skill, perseverance and dedication to create success.

So many folks are turning to the Internet to create income online and many think it will be easy when they first start out but that’s far from the truth.

3 Steps For Making Money Online!

Making Money OnlineHere I detail 3 crucial steps for making money online:

1. You need “street smarts” to succeed online.

What I mean by this is that it takes much more than picking up that motivational book or going to that 3 day seminar.

Yes you could read that book cover to cover and implement many of the key steps. You could even take it on holiday with you and read it whilst laying by the pool but it takes been smart to make those strategies work.

So many people are working online nowadays, all trying to forge ahead with their online businesses and many are doing exactly what you are doing.

What you have to do in many cases is go in the opposite direction. Do what others are not doing or fail to do.

The make money online niche is extremely competitive and it takes skill to forge ahead.

What you need is “street smarts”

Robert Kiyosaki from the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” came up with this phrase too. Books are great but you got to get down in the “trenches” to become successful.

We here about those folks who left school at 15 or were college dropouts who then go onto become multi-millionaire or even billionaires.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Sir Richard Branson come to mind.

What did they have that enabled them to surge ahead with their ideas?

Having that “million dollar” idea is one thing but to go to work on it so that it becomes a trailblazer is something else.

You Gotta Be A Tough Cookie!

2. You need a “thick skin” because the knock backs will undoubtedly come your way.

There is no way you can become successful without either doubting yourself or others doubting you.

The “dream stealers” will try to crush you with their unwavering belief that you will fail. Most of the time they want you to fail, whether they are conscious or unconscious of their beliefs.

People like the status quo.

When family, friends, peers, colleagues, associates or whoever is in your social circle start seeing you building your own business where before you were in a conventional 9 to 5 job then be prepared for fireworks.

Society sets people up to go to school, get good grades, get a college degree and then work the next 40 years in a job (most hate) until they retire hoping that retirement pension plan or 401k looks after them financially for the remainder of their life.

You gotta be tough to ride those naysayers. Yeeha!!

A lot of time you are left to your own devices to figure out how to keep focused and motivated.

Get around people in your industry and network with those who you can identify with. They could be going through what you are going through and sharing ideas and frustrations can be a wonderful tonic.

It’s The Journey, Not The Destination! Where Have I Heard That Before?

3. Success is in the journey. Each step you take is leading you along the path to achieving your goals.

Many people want success yesterday for doing little to nothing in their quest for success.

It’s a long term project making money online.

Better to create a solid and sustainable online business that potentially goes on paying you a full time income for the rest of your life than one where you may get a few dollars in the short term and that’s it.

The journey can be great fun too. You learn from your mistakes and get more knowledgeable as you grow your business.

Making money online is not for everyone. It takes a certain individual to keep chiseling away at creating income online.

Some find the magic formula and are able to carve out incredible careers. This could be you too!

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