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Keyword research is the bread and butter of SEO. Without doing keyword analysis you will find it a challenge to get any meaningful results from seo.

The Jaaxy 2.0 Keyword Research Tool was recently launched so just what are the benefits?

When you are doing keyword research you want to use a tool that saves you time and get your website pages ranked high on the search engines. Ranking well for low competition keywords that convert is the key for most seo marketers.

You don’t want to be laboring and expending a huge amount of time trying to figure out what keywords will rank. You just want to get down to knowing what will work well got your website.

Jaaxy 2.0 Keyword Research Tool For SEO & Affiliate Marketing

When starting an online business there are a few key metrics that you need to know.

Keyword competition (the exact) Keyword traffic data (precise) A Quality Set of Keywords Where Your Site is Ranked Which Domains are Available What my competition is doing (in terms of SEO) The Jaaxy 1.0 keyword tool did this.

However, there was a need to go further and optimize the tool so that more incredible results could be obtained.

Jaaxy 2.0 Is The NEW Keyword Tool To Research Online.

The new Jaaxy 2.0 Interface was built to be more reliable and faster than ever.

It was designed with a seamless user experience in mind. On top of that there have been some welcomed additional features added.

Threaded Searching – You now have the function to search up to 5 keywords at once. With this you can have 5 active keyword searches. This is time saving so you don’t have wait for the results but instead undertake another search and come back to your threaded searches.

Alphabet Soup Technique – Now you can do an INSTANT alphabet soup search on any keyword. This is an amazing function as you get hundred’s of variations of that keyword organized alphabetically for you.

Search Progress Bars – Want to know how long you have wait within a particular search? This function enables you to see how long it will take to do a search. Once again, this saves time and the actual search speeds have been greatly increased with the added bonus of knowing when the search results will be produced.

Google/Bing/Yahoo Search Analysis – Competitor keyword research is fundamental and you want to know what keywords your competition are using. Now you can do this on all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can research word count, keyword density, page rank, descriptions, page titles, etc within the top pages of the search results for a given keyword. This enables you to get ahead with your keyword analysis.

Site Rank History – Now you can ascertain your SiteRank history within your SiteRank results. This is a hugely beneficial feature because you see if your rankings are going up and down within the search results (in Google). You will now be able to improve your  on your seo campaigns in real time.

Keyword Mining – Jaaxy 2.0 keyword research tool has 10,000,000’s of keywords. This has been said to increase into several 100’s of MILLIONS mark in 2015. That is the benchmark set for a keyword tool with the most amount of keywords.

Server Power GALORE – Jaaxy 2.0 is lightening FAST! The interface has become both sleeker and superfast! The speed performance  has increased by 8x faster than it previously was!

Get started now using the Jaaxy 2.0 research tool and get 30 FREE searches!

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