Online Sales Pro Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Online Sales Pro

Business Name: Online Sales Pro
Website Address:
Product Price: $37/monthly or $297/annual (VIP)
Business Owner: Vincent Ortega
Overall Rank: 88 out of 100 points

Online Sales Pro Scam Review – Introduction:

Online Sales Pro have been around for a while now but are they a cut above the rest? Read on to find out if they are a scam or legit!

To become successful online requires that you have a website that is both compelling and appealing for visitors to either sign up or buy your products.

Getting targeted leads is the cornerstone of every successful online business and in order to make money you need to ensure that your website looks professional.

There are many free websites templates that you can use and some look very professional indeed but there will be times where you like the look and functionality of a free template but need other options which you have to pay for.

It’s so important to create landing pages that will attract the right leads to your website and then when visitors do land on your site are confident enough to either leave their email address or buy from you.

Essentially, you want to have a landing page that not only looks good but also converts as well.

They were created with this in mind. The platform will show you how to design beautiful landing pages and also provide training so that you can get more leads.

What do you get with Online Sales Pro?

OSP Landing Pages

They provide some quality landing pages. These are their main product if you decide to opt for their subscription. They currently have 200+ prebuilt website templates which are;

  • Highly responsive
  • Highly converting
  • Very user-friendly and easy to use
  • Company specific and customizable

Lead Management: The platform provides excellent lead management whether it be on your desktop or mobile device.

The mobile app is free to download and within the app you have the option to manage your leads. You can even send out custom or default text/emails to your leads via the app.

Mobile App: This really is cutting-edge. There are not too many make money online businesses currently that provide a fully functioning mobile app. This has to be downloaded for sure. Keep in mind that the app is free to download so you want to ensure that you don’t miss out on this.

One of the best functions of the app is the notification feature. Every time you get a new lead, which includes someone watching the live webinar or leaving their phone number then you get a “Cha Ching” sounding notification.

Also, when you refer someone who decides to sign up for the 7 day trial you get a notification too. This can be very exciting when you hear the sound of the “Cha Ching” not least because it sounds like a cash register but also shows that you are achieving some success with your online business.

The mobile app provides other features which are also included on the desktop such as scripts and rebuttals. You have the option to customize these before they are sent out or you can opt to have the system send out the messages automatically.

Online Sales Pro Custom Domains

Custom Domains: They also have a very useful custom domains feature which enables you to use their extension.

An example of how this would work would be you if you chose “money making system” as part of the domain then it would look like this with the extension “”

You would be able to advertise this domain as is or if you want a more professional looking domain then you would need to buy a domain from a domain registrar like Namecheap, or any other domain registrar, and then simply set up web forwarding.

Social Media Training: Online Sales Pro provide quite a decent amount of social media training. This can be very appealing for online marketers who perhaps have more time than budget to advertise.

There is enough quality training to get you started, particularly Facebook marketing.

This method of marketing can work well if you have the time to build up a social media profile and you feel comfortable doing so. It is great to have the option of this training and highly recommended.

Step By Step Training: When you first join you are advised to go through their 6 steps to get your online business set up properly. These steps are straightforward and easy to understand.

There are video tutorials which show you exactly what you need to do to start your training. The key feature is that you are not overwhelmed with too much information at the start. This can be very appealing for new online marketers.

How to use the Online Sales Pro Software?

OSP Sales FunnelsWhen you join you are advised to start marketing your business to get leads. It could be that you are already with another network marketing, mlm, direct sales company or Internet business.

Let’s say you are a distributor with Vemma, then by following the training you will be shown to choose a template to promote Vemma. Many of the templates are pre-built so you really don’t need to add much in terms of design.

There are pre-built templates available to promote Vemma, Herbalife, Isagenix, World Ventures, Motor Club of America, Talk Fussion, Xango and many more.

If there is not a template available for your company then you simply choose a new template. The functionality enables you to customize any template you want.

When you have finalized customizing your template then all that is required is to name it then save it. This will now be your lead capture page.

You will then need to create the sales page which is easy to do.

The sales page will provide information about your products or services. There is an option to again choose a sales page template which you can custom to your requirements. You can add a video and a call to action button as well.

The final stage is to arrange your pages in the “My Funnel” section.

You simply name your funnel and then save it. After this process has been completed you need to see that your funnel is working correctly.


OSP Mobile App

First-Class Product

Online Sales Pro has developed an excellent making money system. The platform is undeniably one of the best on the market in terms of being very current.

What makes the software so up to date is the Mobile App. Yes there are other Mobile Apps out there in this niche but they do seem to be rushed in their production that the quality leaves a lot to be desired.

The app is high-tech cutting-edge and you can see that a lot of time and expense has gone into creating a mobile app that is not only innovative but fully functionable in helping you make money online.

One of their key aspects is helping you create stunning lead capture pages and this it does with the 200+ pre-built templates which are fully customizable.

Being able to manage your leads when you are out and about is also a key feature. The mobile app allows you to do this with built-in lead management and also send out custom texts/emails to your leads.

The notifications built into the app are also very appealing.

Getting that “Cha Ching” sound on your smartphone when you are sitting down in a restaurant sure does bring a smile to your face and a smirk from customers sitting next to you.

Step By Step Training

When you become a member you are provided with 6 steps to get your online business set-up. There is also enough training for new online marketers to get started with.

There is training in social media marketing which is great for those who like this side to the business. They provide video tutorials which show you step by step how to market your landing pages.

Facebook Group

There is an active Facebook group which is highly advisable to join. This enables you to network with other members and ask questions.

When you join you have a sponsor who may not always be around to answer your questions so you can always go into the Facebook group and post your questions or get support in there.


Need Advanced Training

Online Sales Pro is leading the way for delivering lead capture pages if you are promoting companies in network marketing, mlm or direct sales but where they fall down is lead generation. This is what most online businesses are needing and they do not provide training in advanced strategies to get leads.

Sure if you are brand new to starting an online business then there is adequate training to get to your business up and running.

Obstacles are presented to those who are intermediate to advanced online marketers. I suppose one can counter this by saying if they are either intermediate or advanced then they should have enough knowledge to get targeted leads.

Social media marketing appeals to those who have more of an out-going personality. If you don’t mind posting videos of yourself on Facebook or You Tube or photos on Instagram then all well and good but if you are more shy then doing this may not appeal to you.

For those who have a more reserved personality then possibly seo, content marketing or ppc/paid search advertising will appeal. Sadly, OSP does not currently provide training in these strategies so you will have to source them from elsewhere.

OSP Social Media Training

Online Sales Pro Price:

There are two price points for OSP paid members;

  • $37 per month
  • $297 annually

Everyone who joins joins for free.

They offer a 100% 7 day free trial. This is really good because you can access the training and tools for 7 days and see if it is for you.

From there you can decide whether you want to become a monthly paid member or upgrade to the annual membership which is known as VIP.

Online Sales Pro provides their own affiliate program where you can get paid $20 recurring commission every month for every paid member that you refer to OSP.

You can earn $150 recurring commission for every paid member you refer who opts for the annual VIP membership.

Their affiliate program can be lucrative to promote but in order for you to collect the commissions you need to be a paid member yourself.

Keep in mind that if you refer a VIP member then in order for you to collect the $150 commission you also need to be a VIP member, The same applies for the paid monthly membership.

Additionally, when you join their 7 day free trial, you will need to provide your contact details such as your phone number and credit/debit card details.

Is Online Sales Pro a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

They have many things going for them.

It is innovative and provides the very latest cutting-edge technology to help you create stunning landing pages. Their aim is to help you get leads and what their platform can do in terms of features go a long way to achieving this.

They provide a business in a box solution for people who may want to run an automated business and don’t have huge funds to start an online business. The entry price point is relatively low and most people may be able to afford their paid membership.

You also get the 7 day free 100% trial where you get access to their training and tools. This is sufficient time to see whether it is really suited for you.

The training is adequate for new online marketers starting a business. The social media training is enough to get you started with driving traffic to your website.

Get Started?

Online Sales Pro is a good option for people looking for a money making business in a box solution to starting an online business.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth training in affiliate marketing to help you build an Internet business then read my review of the No.1 training program I recommend. Click here to read my review.


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    1. Many thanks Miren! If you want to learn about how to build captivating landing pages and have access to a lead management system then OSP can really help. This comes with a 100% 7 day free trial. You can also make money online by promoting their own affiliate program. :)

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