Hostgator Review…Solid, Steady Web Hosting With Minimum Fuss!

Hostgator Review

For online marketers it is essential to opt for an excellent and solid web hosting service for your websites. I have been using the services of Hostgator since I started in Internet marketing several years ago and I highly recommend them. Hostgator Review

The cast iron fact is that Hostgator are very reliable and downright cost effective. The 24/7 customer service is excellent and every time I have requested the use of their customer service they have always been friendly and provided solutions. They provide live chat and you can also submit a ticket to their support.

Hostgator provide the hosting plans, such as shared hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting and VPS. AS mentioned, their hosting is ultra solid and reliable and all my blogs are hosted on their servers.

Their servers are rarely down and I have never experienced this in all the time I have used them. In fact, they guarantee a 99.9% uptime which is amazing come to think of it as many of their competitors do not guarantee or blatantly advertise this.

In my Hostgator review, I noted that that the company have complete confidence in what they offer and realise how outstanding their service is.

Please Note…Hosting Uptime Is Key: This really is the No.1 factor to look for when researching which web hosting company to go with…ensure you study how reliable their uptime is as I imagine that there can be nothing more frustrating than not seeing your site live on the web.

Hostgator…Use It Well

They offer various hosting plans and deciding which one to use is important…

Ok, you are thinking which one then? Let’s say you have just a few sites to host and not really looking for a huge amount of web traffic then the Hostgator Baby Plan would be a good choice. The Baby Plan at the time of writing is only $6.36 per month and is their most popular plan.

As stated, the Baby Plan provides excellent value for money and you have the added benefit of a price reduction by paying for the year up front or using a coupon to save money.

cPanel…Makes It All So Easy

Hostgator uses cPanel for managing their hosting and happens to be extremely user friendly. Hostgator Review

You can add new domains and there is a 1-click service for installing WordPress, Drupal or Jooma etc. There is a service called Fantastico which enables you to do this. This is an awesome service if you are starting out blogging and want to get your blog installed on their hosting with minimum fuss.

Hostgator is possibly the best and most known web hosting service currently available on the market. As mentioned, I have used this hosting service for several years and have never had the urge to move to another hosting company.

The support they offer is second to none and you will have your blog hosted on a solid server in just a click.

Highly recommended 9/10

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