3 Article Writing Tips That Drive Traffic To Your Website AND Increase Sales!

By | February 9, 2015

Article Writing Tips To Get Your Website Noticed

Article marketing by way of using article writing tips is undoubtedly an excellent way to drive traffic to your website or blog. The most successful online marketers use this strategy to create income online in the most effective way. Article Writing Tips!

It is well known that article marketing is superb to build quality backlinks, promoting an affiliate program and establish a marketer as an expert in their chosen field.

The most important aspect of article marketing is knowing how to write good quality articles.

As you gain more experience in writing articles then the more of an expert you will become in this online marketing technique and the likelihood of achieving any goals that you have set.

To write a good article there are certain things that many, if not all quality articles have in common.

The structure of the written article is No.1 and then knowing how to apply the crucial points you want to get across in a coherent way.

1. Make Your Title Clear and Concise

The title is the one thing that will catch the eye of the readers. If the title has a certain curiosity about it and focuses in on an area which is going to interest a particular reader then the higher the chance that the reader will go ahead and click on and read all the article.

You really only have a split-second to catch the attention of the reader so time and effort has to be expended on making sure that you come up with a headline grabbing title.

As mentioned, curiosity is key! This is how you will get more people to view your article. Ensure that you think of the title as one strategy to drive traffic to your website.

For example, if you are writing about a niche subject such as reviewing the best article submission software then make sure this is in the title and the full review is also in the body of the title.

Many marketers make the mistake of promising something in the title and then when the reader gets to read the body of content it does not match the title or there is just not enough relevant content.

Under promise and over deliver is the pre-requisite for a good article and this will make readers trust you and come back to your blog/website.

2. Focus On Your Blog Content

This consists of the actual article itself. A tip that I have used for a number of years and works extremely well in article marketing is NOT to provide your readers with every answer to their questions or problems.

By giving all the answers immediately in the article then the likelihood is that your readers will not think that they have to read the entire article or click any links and visit your blog/website. Article Writing Tips!

The point is that you want to put the point across that you can provide the answers to their answers or problems.

Of course, you want to give general answers, most notably if you say about them in the article’s title. But make sure that you don’t give it all away.

The prime focus of the article body is to reinforce in the mind of the reader that the answers they are searching for are also absolutely worth getting answers to.

Make them understand the urgency finding a solution. This is so important and possibly 90% of article marketers don’t do.

3. Don’t Forget Your Resource Box (all about YOU the author)

Any good quality written article should make the readers ready find the solution they are looking for. This is where the magic of the resource box comes into play.

Make the most of using the resource box as this gives you the opportunity to place some info about you or the product/service you are promoting.

Additionally, you will be able to insert your link and as you post to article directories and content sites you will be able to gain back links which is what article marketing in the main is all about so that you drive traffic to your blog or website.

In conclusion, by writing a good quality article you want to make the main aim to answer any questions your readers may have and provid solutions.

You only give so much though as you want your reader to think about the solution too and take action. The answer to their question will be answered by them clicking on the link in resource box. This is the call to action.

As you write more and more articles the tips outlined above will become easier to implement. It takes practice and putting yourself in the shoes of the reader. Think about what the reader is looking for and how you can help…then give the answer.

Using article writing tips is an effective strategy that top online marketers use for successful earn money online opportunities. If you are new to article marketing or just need some advice then by following these tips will ensure that you’re on the right path!


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    Hi Kevin,
    do you mean to say that it is not enough to put a link beneath a picture but that it is better to actually put it into a box so that it gets more attention and makes people more likely to click on the link?


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