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Unique Article Wizard!

The Unique Article Wizard is an excellent article submission software to use for submitting your articles to hundreds of article directories.

Instead of manually submitting your blogs and articles this tool will send them out on autopilot. Unique Article Wizard

The most notable aspect is that all articles submitted are unique! This saves time and effort as you will not need to write hundreds of unique versions of your article.

The Unique Article Wizard provides resource boxes and the usage of 1-3 keywords as anchor texts for your backlinks.

There is a network of 600 – 1000 sites/directories to submit to…yes; your article will get posted to this amount of sites!

Just think 600 – 1000 backlinks to your website from just one submission.

The most time you will spend will be writing your articles and then submitting them (which is quick).

The process of writing just one article and then going through the submission process should take an hour or so…then just let Unique Article Wizard weave its magic.

If you are new to article writing it will be worthwhile to outsource your article writing. Unique Article Wizard has a third party article writing service which can write your articles.

The rates for the use of their article writing service is very cheap at approx $12. By deciding to opt for this service you will find that almost everything is done for you…just pressing the submit button to send your articles out to all the network is all that is required from you.

In my Unique Article Wizard review I found that there are a huge network which consists of both Blogger and WordPress. There are also many article directories and submissions sites.

The advantage of using the Unique Article Wizard is that you can control exactly where you want your articles to be submitted to on the network. You decide which appropriate niche blogs and directories to submit articles to.

Within the network some blogs have good high page rank but, however due to the high number of sites most are page rank 0, 1 or 2.

Nonetheless, although they may be low-PR blogs, most if not all will be highly targeted and congruent to your niche. This will work very well for optimisation purposes so your own blog/site can rank high in the search engines.

Pros and Cons


  • Interface is very user-friendly and submitting articles could not be any easier.
  • Complete control over how many articles are submitted daily. This is great if you are worried about linking penalties
  • Whole host of relevant niche directories and blogs.
  • No limit on how many articles are submitted.
  • Easy and time-saving way to create huge numbers of backlinks.


  • There is a monthly cost. Need to ensure that you get good usage out of the service to cover cost.
  • No analytics/stats available at present.
  • Need to be committed in learning how to use the service in the most effective way. Once you understand how to get the best out of the Unique Article Wizard then it really does work on auto-pilot. If you are in a position to outsource most or all of your article writing/submission then you don’t need to be concerned about this.


The Unique Article Wizard is an excellent tool to use for massive article submission. It certainly will increase backlinks to your site with consummate ease. Unique Article Wizard

The key aspect is to be committed to writing articles consistently or outsource this if you are not keen to do this yourself.

I have been involved in search engine optimization for several years now and building backlinks is a must for website optimisation.

Article submission is one way to achieve this and it absolutely does take time and effort to build backlinks this way.

However, once you get into the habit of writing articles and then submitting them to niche sites then the likelihood of seeing your site ranked high in the search engines is a strong possibility.

Building links is still popular but it does have to be done the right way in order for it to work properly. Getting good quality backlinks to your site and linking out to high authority sites is key. The more you have of this, then the more likely you will start to see a boost in your overall SEO efforts.

The Unique Article Wizard was definitely my first major investment when it came to link building and driving highly targeted traffic through to my websites and blogs.

I could not run an effective link building campaign without it and possibly is the main article submission software currently on the market.

Highly recommended 9/10

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