Project Payday Review – Is It A Scam Or The Real Deal?

By | July 22, 2015

Name: Project Payday
Price: Free To Join
Overall Rank: 68 out of 100
Who it’s for: Beginner

When you first come across Project Payday now known as Survey Club, you will wonder whether if it’s a real ethical business or just another scam.

Let’s face it the Internet is full of online opportunities that promise you overnight riches but few can deliver on that if any at all.

The problem with Internet business opportunities is that they promise too much. If they under promised and over delivered then that would help to go along way to getting rid of all the scams.

Project Payday is a business opportunity designed to creating online income. Well most opportunities are created to make income and that is the appeal of them.

Making money with this company is another matter. The question is can you make money with them?

They are quite prominent in the Google searches. You only have to type in “Project Payday Review” in your web browser and you will come across a whole array of reviews about them.

As mentioned, making money online is the no.1 appeal for most people who join web based opportunities. I have been involved in affiliate marketing for several years now and make money with this program here.

With Project Payday it’s really simple to understand what they do. Sometimes the more simpler a program then the easier to make money quickly.

Making Money with Project Payday

It’s simple, you just complete the Cost Per Action (CPA) offers and refer people.

A CPA offer is when a company pays you money in order to get leads for their own business.

The lead completes an online form and this is submitted back to the company who originated the CPA offer.

There is a slight discrepancy in that some CPA offers need you to give credit card and additional information in order to hand out any payments.

Some people will be against this because imagine the scenario where you have to give your personal info like credit card data to a lot of different companies.

It’s not really cool and your personal data could get into the wrong hands and the notion of fraudulent claims spring to mind!

Referring People to Project Payday

Yes to make any real money with the program you do actually have to refer people. This I suppose is the residual income aspect.

To qualify for the program you have to complete one CPA form yourself. If you want the Pro membership then you need to complete two.

Then wait for it….to make any money yourself you gotta get other people to join Project Payday. They gotta do the same thing.  and get them to do the same thing.

Essentially, the money to be made is by referring people. If you like this side to the business then you could make money. If not, then you will find yourself stuck.

It’s tough work getting people signed. Not easy in the slightest. It takes skill and know how.

You really need to plug into some kind of training resource that gonna walk your through the advertising steps to get people on board.

This is where Project Payday falls down. There’s not enough tangible online marketing training that’s gonna help a newbie learn how to get new leads.

If you follow the training which I am involved with a top affiliate marketing training platform then you will get the insider strategies to market your business online.

In summary

You may be able to create income with Project Payday but it may not be as easy as you first think.

You will have to tread carefully with the whole personal and financial data issue. You gotta be careful these days about handing out your info online. You don’t know who it will eventually end up with.

The money to be made with this company is by referring people to your CPA offer. There’s definitely a skill involved and it won’t be easy for some.

This is where you will need to get step by step training in online marketing. Training that will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to get leads and build a business online.

To learn how to do this then take a look here or click on the image below:

Wealthy Affiliate

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