Best High Ticket Affiliate Programs – Is This One The Best?

Regal Assets

The best high ticket affiliate programs are not always easy to find.

They can easily be tucked away and out of reach if you don’t know where to search.

It’s probably best when searching for an affiliate program that pays top commissions to choose only one to promote when starting out in affiliate marketing.

Regal Assets –  One Of The Best High Ticket Affiliate Programs!

The Regal Assets Affiliate Program is one of the best high paying commission programs.

Regal Assets commission structure provides top benefits for promoting their program.

The affiliate program pays high commissions to its affiliates and also when you get a customer who came through from your website your commission will be high.

This is the commission structure:

  • You get 3% of the amount invested by each customer as a commission. (this can be huge money!) (For example: If your customer invests $1,000,000, you get a $30,000 commission! Also, every time your customers invests you earn a commission. The average investment amount at Regal Assets is between $20,000 – $50,000)
  • When your sub-affiliates invest (through their customers), your commission will be 2%. Sub-affiliates are people you have referred.
  • You earn $30 cash when a customer orders an investment kit from your website.
  • You earn $100 cash when a customer calls your own Regal Assets assigned phone number (1-800 numbers) and spends in excess of 10 minutes talking to a Regal Assets customer services representative.

Earn High Ticket Commissions!

Regal AssetsAs you can see from the above commission structure the potential to earn high ticket commissions can be huge with Regal Assets.

Of course, the key is to get new potential customers and affiliates on board.

This will come about by dedicated and pin-point marketing.

By targeting the right people to look at your Regal Assets website then the likelihood is that you can earn significant income online.

When you get leads who complete the online form a representative from the company will call them and find out exactly what they are looking to achieve  through investing in precious metals.

The customer support team are very experienced and will answer any of your queries.

So if you are looking to invest in gold then click here.

If you want to promote the Regal Assets affiliate program then click here.


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