Searching for the best selling affiliate products is an experience. It can be fun trying to ascertain just what would be the best affiliate programs to promote on your website.

At the same time, just where do you start looking for products that will sell?

Much depends on the niche you are promoting. If you are selling a MacBook Pro then of course you are most likely selling laptops and notebooks.

This niche can earn you quite a lot in commissions if you make sells due to the price of the products. You will be targeting a particular niche audience who are searching for these types of products.

You could be selling lower priced products which can also add up to a tidy sum of commissions but you would have to sell many of these in comparison to selling higher priced products.

Join An Affiliate Program

Best Selling Affiliate ProductsAs mentioned, your niche will determine what products to advertise and you will have to join an affiliate program relevant to your niche.

One of the best affiliate programs is with Amazon Associates.

There are a huge range of products to promote when you become an affiliate with Amazon. They pretty much sell everything.

The great thing about them is that they have a 24 hour cookie when website visitors click on your affiliate link.

This means that if someone clicks on your affiliate link on Amazon when searching for a “Harry Potter” book and decides to buy a 42 inch Panasonic HDTV then you will earn a commission for this sale if the time they clicked on the link and made the purchase is within 24 hours.

You may say 24 hours is not that long but you have to take into account the amount of time a typical visitor spends on Amazon and the massive amount of products they have for sale.

The conversion rates are quite high when you get someone to visitor the online store and make a purchase.

The best selling affiliate products are really those ones where there is a demand. It could be a small demand and your niche is quite narrow but this could work very well as you will face less competition.


Create An Online ShopThere are many benefits when you create an online shop.

The best is having the  ability to showcase your products online.

Selling online has become the way of establishing a business for most businesses.

It can be very exciting to have products to promote but even more exciting is advertising them.

When you get your first sale online you get a real feeling that much more can be achieved.

They say the firs sale is the hardest to get and once you accomplish this then it gets easier.

1. Scale Up Your Online Shop

The key is to scale up.

If you have been getting several sales a day online and need to increase these to achieve your goals then you will need to look at scaling your ecommerce business.

There usually is one Internet marketing strategy that works the best for you you when advertising and it is usually this strategy that you need to scale.

2. Create A Great Look For Your Online Store

For many online marketers who promote their products online they focus first and foremost on the look of their online store.

This is important as you want to create a store front that looks easy on the eyes so that you have the best opportunity for getting website visitors clicking through to the products on your website.

3. Make Your Online Store Easy To Navigate

More important though is the navigation and site structure of your ecommerce store. You want to ensure that it is easy for visitors to navigate around your site.

If you are advertising online then make sure that yours ads go straight to a particular product.

Visitors to your website don’t have time to spend looking these days and can soon get put off by trying to find the products they have initially searched for.

4. The Structure Of Your Shopping Cart

The structure of the shopping cart is important too as you want to make it easy for sales transactions to go through.

A lot of the navigation and shopping cart features are already built into many online store builder templates such as Shopify.

You can adjust accordingly to create the best online shopping experience for your store visitors.

These are some tips to help you when you build your online store. It will be great to get your feedback in the comments section.

If you have been working online or about to start an online business you may have heard of Empower Network.

Most people working an Internet business have come across them and if you have you will be hard pressed not to have been pitched their online income opportunity.

The question is are Empower Network a scam?

I have a unique view about this company because I was a member and in my Empower Network review I will discus the good points and not so good about them.

In my review, I won’t discuss the compensation plan because there are plenty reviews about this.

Yes you may have heard of their blogging viral system, inner circle, Costa Rica intensive and 15K formula course but you can find others reviews about that side of their business online.

Empower Network In A Nutshell

Earn Money Online!I’ve been working online for several years and was looking for a new business opportunity where I could sell high ticket products online.

The good thing that I’ll like to add to my Empower Network review is that they offer this.

Selling low ticket products is hard work! You have to sell an enormous amount to get a decent return.

For example, lets says you have signed up to an affiliate program to sell a product for $29.

By selling this product you may get a commission of $15 and the remaining amount of $14 goes to the affiliate company.

Not bad you may say. Almost a 50/50 split in terms of who gets what.

The challenge here is that although $15 is nice to have you will have to sell a lot to make a full-time income.

In fact, you will have to sell 300 of these affiliate products to make $4500 monthly which is a decent average full time income.

If you were to sell a high ticket product of $2000, you may get a commission of $1000 and the person who referred you gets $500 and the company gets $500.

A $1000 commission is very nice indeed. The Empower Network 15k Formula product enables you to make a $1000 commission.

The problem here is that you also have to have this product in order to be entitled to collect the $1000 commission.

This is where Empower Network falls down.

Most people don’t have this amount of money from the outset to invest $1000’s into an online business.

Most people joining an Internet business join to make that kind of money and not to invest that king of money.

In reality, with Empower Network you have to invest $5000 in all their products to make a full-time income. The call this “go all in.”

You join them by signing up to their Viral Blogging System which costs $25 monthly and then to earn money as an affiliate there is an additional fee of $19.95 monthly fee to cover their eWallet merchant account.

If you just sign up to this alone then you will be hard pressed to make a decent return on investment.

You would have to sell a huge amount of these blogging systems to earn more money online.

The Empower Network Scam Is Not Really True?

Many online business opportunities get tarnished with the same brush.

People looking online for an opportunity read scam reviews and think that every work online opportunity is the same.

So is Empower Network a scam?

I’m not here to knock the company because I can see some good things in what they do.

I joined and was initially impressed with their blogging system until they lost the plot a bit by introducing the new “Blog Beast” blogging platform. What was all that about?

It was launched with the owners dressed in spandex and pretending to be super heroes.

At the time, I saw the fun side and thought hey these are guys are cool and original.

Then I got to thinking, how can I sell this “blog best” platform to serious bricks and mortar businesses with the Empower Network owners dressed as a type of Batman and Robin. They will laugh me out of a business meeting with them.

I just did not feel comfortable promoting this as a serious business.

There was also the problem of the training not being fresh, new and updated.

Having training  resources which are kept up to date with the latest Internet marketing strategies is vitally important.

The online marketing industry can move at breath-taking speed. If you are left behind then you are always playing catch up.

Empower Network were and I believe still are selling some of their products which were created several years back.

There is some valuable training in their resources. The $15k Formula really does have some good material but it is out-dated. They do need to keep this updated.

Where Are The Empower Network Blogs On Google?

If you search Google for blogs created by Empower Network members you may find it difficult to find any.

These are the blogs which are created on their own viral blogging system.

Apparently, Google took down all these blogs for some reason. I don’t know why…

Also, you can’t share their actual blogs on Facebook. If you try they are removed.

You may now be wondering…ok, so I’m paying for their Viral Blogging System but my blogs are not showing on the No.1 and No.2 biggest search and social engines on the Internet. What use is that?

Correct, what is the point of paying $25 monthly for this?

You will be better of to create you own WordPress blog and get hosting with a web hosting company.

I believe when Google took down those members blog a lot of people left Empower Network to pursue other online opportunities.

What Is Best Affiliate Marketing Company?

I made some money in my time at Empower Network so I don’t want to write a harsh review about them. I still have some friends who are promoting them and doing well.

The point of my Empower Network review is to highlight some of the good and not so good points about them.

Yes you can make money from joining them but you have to really invest into all of their products which is $5000 to have any chance of making a decent return.

Who has $5000 these days to invest into an online business?

There are some who will “go all in” as they say but most people are looking to make money with little or no initial investment.

With Empower Network you are essentially selling their own affiliate products. They don’t teach you to sell other affiliate products from other affiliate companies.

They really want you to sell their own. They make money of course by you selling their own products.

By starting your own online business you will be better of thinking about selling other affiliate programs.

This is known as affiliate marketing. I guess you knew that by now.

Affiliate marketing has really come into its own lately. It can be a great way to earn money online.

As discussed, by promoting an affiliate program you can earn commissions.

The lower the price of the affiliate product, the lower the commission you will get.

The higher the price of the product, the higher the commission you can earn.

When starting out in affiliate marketing it’s important to get training.

If you are an affiliate marketing beginner then you will have to get some help either from an online business training company or an experienced affiliate marketer.

One of the best affiliate marketing training is with Wealthy Affiliate.

I have been a member with them for quite a while now and the training is the best I have seen.

I don’t want to hark on about them too much here but you can read my Wealthy Affiliate review to find out more about them.

Also, here is a uber cool table which compares them with Empower Network.

Create a FREE account with Wealthy Affiliate by clicking on the “Create Your Free Account” green button: